Contested South Korean Identities of Reunification

January 31, 2018: Forum Convener Chris Rice published an article in the International Bulletin of Mission Research titled “Contested South Korean Identities of Reunification and Christian Paradigms of Reconciliation.” See abstract and link below.

Abstract: South Koreans, including church members, remain deeply divided about the pathway to any future reunification with North Korea. One form of division lies in the contested South Korean identities regarding North Korea and their implications for national identity, policy, and how South Koreans must change for a peaceful future with the North to become possible. This article identifies four prevailing South Korean identities regarding North Korea and reunification: Enemy Nation, Another Country, Disadvantaged Sibling, and Ruptured Family. We then consider five paradigms from the Christian tradition as responses to the contested identities via the biblical priority for peace and reconciliation … (continue reading)


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