Theological Movements

Five themes form the theological journey and framework of the Forum:

  • Day 1: New Creation

Question of the day: Reconciliation toward what?  We will consider the theological vision toward which reconciliation leads and invite participants to form a scriptural and contextual imagination of God’s new creation.

  • Day 2, part I:  Lament

Question of the day:  What is the story of where we are?  This question considers context and seeks a clear understanding of the specific challenges of seeing, naming, and standing in the broad and deep landscape and history of brokenness.  This question invites participants to develop the gift and discipline of lament.      

  • Day 2, part II:  Pilgrimage

In the biblical story, we see how God takes place and location seriously. Pursuing reconciliation and peace requires listening to the story and history of where we are.  Each year Forum participants journey together into the local context to engage and learn from stories of pain and hope.

  • Day 3:  Hope

Question of the day:  What do Christian hope and peace look like and how are we formed into that peace and hope?  This question invites participants into new vision, imagination, and practice.  We will consider hopeful lives, models, and stories that shape and sustain a new future and new habits and skills, and give witness to the reality that the way things are is not the way things have to be.

  • Day 4:  Spirituality for the Long Haul

Question of the day:  Why me and why bother?  This question explores personal vocation, calling and formation in life and community guided by the Holy Spirit. We will highlight practices, rhythms, convictions, and the means of grace through which God shapes and sustains people and communities even in the face of challenges and obstacles.  Participants will be invited to form a deep and lively practical spirituality which can sustain them and others over the long haul.