Overview of Forum 2016

A very special event will occur May 23-28, 2016 in Hong Kong: The third annual Christian Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia.  The Forum will bring together about 60 key Christian leaders from China mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. to strengthen our work for God’s ministry of peace, reconciliation, and friendship in Northeast Asia.  Over five days we will engage a Scriptural vision of peace and reconciliation, lament and bear witness to hope, engage contextual challenges facing the ministry of reconciliation in Northeast Asia, and seek fresh places of collaboration and partnership.

The Forum is by invitation-only and is highly participatory.  Participants will include scholars, educators, practitioners, pastors, and church and parachurch leaders.  We have invited each person with their specific expertise in view and there will be many opportunities to teach and share.  As we prepare to gather in Hong Kong in the name of Christ, let us pray to receive something special from the Holy Spirit.