Air Travel to Jeju

Overview: Your destination for the Forum is Jeju International Airport (CJU). The most convenient way to travel is to fly directly to Jeju Airport. But depending on where you fly from, this may not be possible (for example, from U.S. and Canada). If it is not possible to fly directly to Jeju, keep in mind the following two airports in Seoul, South Korea: Incheon (International) Airport and Gimpo Airport. If possible, fly to Gimpo instead of Incheon. While most international flights to South Korea arrive at Incheon Airport, there are no direct flights from Incheon Airport to Jeju Airport. If arriving at Incheon Airport you will need to go through immigration, get your bags, and take a bus or train to Gimpo Airport (this is not difficult, see detailed instructions below). You will then fly from Gimpo (Domestic) Airport to Jeju Airport.

If you must fly into Incheon, consider at least 3 hours for transfer at Gimpo Airport. It might take about 1 hour to clear customs and immigration and about 1 hour to go to Gimpo Airport (Domestic). Plan to arrive at Gimpo Airport about 1h 30mins earlier than Gimpo departure time for check in and security. For going back to Incheon Airport, consider 4 hours for transfer from Gimpo Airport to Incheon It will take about 1 hour to get to Incheon International Airport and it would be nice to arrive at Incheon Airport about 3 hours earlier than departure time.

Note: Gimpo Airport has two terminals, domestic and international. All flights to Jeju depart from the Domestic terminal. Make sure that you get off your bus or transport at the Domestic terminal.

Detailed flight information:

  1. Please book your final destination to Jeju International Airport (CJU). Please make sure that your flight arrives at Jeju International Airport before 3:30 pm on June 1 and leaves Jeju International Airport after 11:00 am on June 6. Participants are responsible for purchasing their own tickets round trip to Jeju.
  2. It is far more convenient if you fly directly to Jeju. From major international airports in China mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, there are many direct flights to Jeju.
  3. Participants from China mainland: If possible, please avoid coming to Incheon Airport. If you fly into Incheon Airport, you must make ground transfer to Gimpo airport to fly to Jeju. This also means you must obtain an Ordinary Tourist visa, as that is required for transfer to Gimpo from Incheon.
  4. Participants from Japan: You can take direct flights via Korean Air or T’way Air. You can also come directly to Jeju by transferring in Osaka, Japan, or Busan or Daegu, Korea. If you arrive in South Korea via Incheon International Airport (Seoul), you must transfer by train, bus, or taxi to Gimpo Airport (Domestic) from Incheon International Airport to fly to Jeju.

Airlines which fly to Jeju:

China mainland: Korean Air, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Spring Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, etc.

Taiwan: T’way Air, Tigerair, Eastar Jet, etc.

Hong Kong: Jeju Air, HK Express, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, etc.

Japan: Korean Air, T’way Air, Air Busan, ANA Airlines, etc.

  • Participants from the United States and Canada: There are many flights to Incheon International Airport. You will need to go transfer to Gimpo Airport (Domestic) via ground travel to fly to Jeju Airport.

Airlines which fly from Gimpo to Jeju: Jeju Air, T’way Air, Jin Air, etc.