2018 Venue

2018 Forum is unique since we have three venues for our accommodation and program.

We begin 2018 Forum with a welcome dinner at Hotel Co-op Inn Kyoto, a modest hotel in downtown Kyoto, which will be our home for two nights.  After breakfast on the second day, we will commute to Doshisha University by subway for our worship, open lecture, and other program.  On Day Three, after Pilgrimage, we will leave Kyoto, drive through forestry hills for 80 minutes to go to a retreat center near Biwako lake.  From then to the end of Forum, all meetings, accommodation, meals, and worship services will be on the campus of Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center.

KYOTO京都 (May 28 〜May 30) – click on city map to enlarge







  1. Hotel Co-op Inn Kyoto

Hotel Co-op Inn Kyoto is a modest hotel run by university coop.  It is located on a small street deep in downtown Kyoto.  Convenience stores, little old shops, cafes, famous Nishiki-cho market street, and metro station are all within walking distance.

Rooms are simple and comfortable with basic amenities such as towels, soap, shampoo, and kimono style night wear.  Some rooms are with beds and some are with futon to sleep on the tatami mat floor.




2. Doshisha University (Imadegawa Campus)

142 years have passed since Doshisha was founded by one of the foremost educators of the Meiji period, Joseph Hardy Neesima.

In the late Edo period, Neesima (1843-1890) left Japan for the US at the age of 21, defying an overseas travel ban in the process. For Neesima, who was intolerant of restraints on freedom in the stifling feudal society in which he grew up, it was an adventurous quest to seek a land where greater equality, freedom and human rights were the norm.( Jo Neesima and Doshisha ) While studying overseas, he embraced Christianity and started nurturing a special dream – a dream to provide education based on Christian principles in Japan, fostering people who value freedom and conscience. Ten years later, immediately after returning to Japan, Neesima founded Doshisha Eigakko (English Academy) in Kyoto. ( The Purpose of the Foundation of Doshisha University ) ‘Doshisha’ means ‘a community created by those who share the same aspiration’ – the aspiration embedded in the dream of Joseph Neesima.

Doshisha University has two main campuses. One is the Imadegawa Campus located in the heart of Kyoto City, north of Kyoto Imperial Palace and adjacent to a noted Buddhist temple, Shokokuji. As the birthplace of Doshisha University, the history of the Imadegawa Campus is an integral part of Doshisha 142-year-old story. ( IMADEGAWA ) Five buildings on this campus are designated as national important cultural properties. Kyoto’s rich artistic and cultural heritage also provides a distinctive character to the educational approach of Doshisha University. Exposure to the culture of Kyoto during the time spent studying at Doshisha University will be a positive experience that stays with students throughout their lives.

(Click on University map to enlarge)






3. Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center


From the night of May 30, the Forum moves to Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center, which is located on a quiet hill side overlooking Japan’s largest lake Biwako, about 80-minitue drive north of Kyoto. From then on, all meetings, accommodation, meals, and worship services will be in the premises of Doshisha Biwako Retreat Center.  The Retreat center offers excellent food and variety of accommodations including cottages, single/twin rooms, and Japanese style rooms with sleeping mattresses on the floor.  Standard room arrangement will be two participants of the same sex sharing the same room.

On the last day, there will be a chartered bus that takes participants directly to Osaka Kansai Internationl Airport.  Other options include to take shuttle-bus to the nearby train station that takes you back to Kyoto city in 45 minutes by local train, 35 minutes by Special Rapid train.